Works in public collections

Monographs and exhibition catalogues (Selection)

Carl Timner. Dark songs, West Berlin: Galerie Diogenes 1961 (Catalogue / Introduction by   Eberhard Roters)

The painter Timner, text by Hannes Schwenger in the magazine “Tendenzen” No. 9/10, December 1968 / February 1969, Damnitz Verlag, München

Carl Timner, Rome, Galleria d ‘Arte Molino, 1969 (Catalogue / Texts by Hannes Schwenger and Renato Guttuso)

Timner, Rome: Galleria Ca’ d’Oro 1974 (Catalogue / Introduction by Antonio Porcella)

Man himself is partisan – On a picture by Carl Timner, text by Jens Brockmeier in the magazine “Tendenzen” No. 103, September-October 1975, Damnitz Verlag, München

Carl Timner, Rome: Galleria Ca’ d’Oro 1977 (Catalogue / Introduction by Renato Guttuso,  Poem by Nicos Bletas Ducaris)

Timner … not forever closed to learning, West Berlin: Church Haus 1978 (Catalogue/ Introduction by Guenter Berndt, Poems by Hans Ulrich Treichel) Edition Neue Wege Berlin 1978

Renato Guttuso about Carl Timner, text by Renato Guttuso, The Painter Carl Timner, text by Ulrich Krempel in the magazine “Tendenzen” Nr 120, July-August 1978, Damnitz Verlag, München

Carl Timner Druckereibilder, West Berlin: Majakowski Galerie and Druckhaus Norden 1979 (Catalogue / Text by Oskar Wehling)

Carl Timner. A Beach, Rome: Galleria Ca’ d’Oro 1982 (Catalogue / Introduction by Costanzo Costantini)

Michael Nungesser, Carl Timner, becoming other. Life and works of a socially active artist, West Berlin: Edition Neue Wege 1983 (Catalog of works)

Pictures by Carl Timner – It depends on us. War and Peace, Bad Orb, educational center of IG Metall, in the Otto-Brenner Hall, Foyer 1983 (Catalog of exhibitors / text by Peter Scherer)

Carl Timner. Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Potsdam: Kulturhaus Marchwitza 1984 (Organizer: East Germany Figurative Arts Painters Association / Catalogue: Text by  Gisold Lammel)

It depends on us, text by Gabriele Sprigath, in the magazine “Tendenzen” No. 147, July-September 1984, Damnitz Verlag, München

Catharina of Alexandria, Text by Peter Scherer, in “City Views 1985 – Yearbook for Lieteratur and Cultural Life in Berlin (West), Publisher Edition Neue Wege, Berlin 1985

Timner – Models in the Studio, Berlin (West), Gallery Black on White 1986 (Catalogue / Text by Iris Billaudelle)

Udo Christoffel (Hrsg.), Carl Timner, dialogues with the painter  (Presentation of Berlin artists.  Volume 2), West Berlin: Edition Kunstamt Wilmersdorf 1988 (Catalogue / Texts by Rainer Höynck, Interview C. Timner/Kunstamt), Iris Billaudelle, Poem by Nicos Bletas Ducaris

Hermann Raum, Carl Timner. Drawings from 1947 – 1989, West Berlin: Edition Neue Wege 1989 (Catalog of works)

Carl Timner – The painter, text by Elke von der Lieth in the magazine “Graphic Art”, Issue No. 38/1, 1992, Edition Curt Visel, Memmingen

Carl Timner. New Paintings and Drawings from 1988 to 1998, Berlin: Kunstamt Wilmersdorf 1998 (Catalogue / Texts by Michael Nungesser and Christiane Schön)

Carl Timner Works, Trevi (Perugia), Complesso Museale di San Francesco, 2003 (Catalogue / Texts by Carl Timner, Italo Tomassoni, Interview Federica Bordoni – Carl Timner)

Carl Timner – Pictures and Works on Paper, Berlin Kultursamt Steglitz Zehlendorf Galerie Schwartzsche Villa 2008 (Catalogue / Texts by Carl Timner und Martin Schönfeld)

General Literature (Selection)

Walter Schmieding / Edouard Roditi (Introduction),  Art in Berlin. From 1945 to today, Stuttgart / Berlin / Zurich: Editor Belser 1969

Richard Hiepe, Art of the new classes, Berlin: Editor C. Bertelsmann 1973

Christoph Krämer, Realistically Engaged Art – Kulturbundausstellung in Hamburg in the magazine “Tendenzen” Nr 93 January – February 1974, Damnitz Verlag, München

Norbert Stratmann, Politics and Art at the 21st Annual Exhibition of the Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V. in the magazine “Tendenzen” No. 96, July-August 1974, Damnitz Verlag München

Gabriele Sprigath, Art and People’s Union in Chile in the magazine “Tendenzen” No. 98, November-December 1974, Damnitz Verlag, München

Norbert Stratmann, West Berlin: the Association of Democratic and Socialist Artists, Berlin (West), in the magazine “Tendenzen” No. 110, November-December 1976, Damnitz Verlag, München

Hermann Raum, Figurative art in West Germany and West Berlin: VEB E.A. Editor Seemann, Leipzig 1978

Nikos Bletas Ducaris, Bologna besieged city, Fotografis Edition, Bologna, 1981

Guido Calvi, Gianni Flamini, Roberto Montozzi, Gian Pietro Testa, Luciano Violante, Strategy of Terror. Contributions for an analysis, essays and documents of contemporary life, Bologna, Brechtiana Editrice, Bologna 1982

Kunstamt Wilmersdorf West Berlin (Hrsg.), Art and Artists Kommunale Galerie und Museum: Kunstamt Wilmersdorf 1989 (Texts: Jürgen Beckelmann und Manfred Nillius)

Wolfgang Kunde (Hrsg.), Nude drawings in colors. Drawing, painting, creating collage, Edition Otto Maier, Ravensburg, 1989 (text by Timner: “Model and Theme”)

Heinrich Wilhelm Wörmann, Resistance 1933 – 1945, Resistance to penick and Treptow, Berlin, Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand edition, Berlin 1995

Kunstamt Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf Schöler Castle 250 years old, Berlin, Publisher Eppler & Bunddreuck, Berlin 2003

Ladengalerie Müller (Hrsg.), Ladengalerie, founded in 1962, Berlin 2012