Bricks of the nation

Because I had been involved in planning the scenario game, I knew which artifacts to gather: the playing cards, the transcript of moves and dialog, and the list of team members, stakeholders and game goals. I translated the transcript of moves and dialog into 60 thumbnail-sized sketches.While this might sound like a lot of work, it took only four hours to complete, and the entire story fit onto four pieces.

This storyboard, or “wireframe,” made it easy for the scenario master and I to quickly arrange the scenes into a sequence that matched the overall flow of the game. I designed each page to be a standalone worksheet that focuses on a particular problem encountered during the game, the people involved and the decisions they made. For example, the page below illustrates the probing questions of the media team and the reaction of the business team. For those of you wondering about the time required to ink the final pages, it was about.