Drawing technique (Drawings)

Drawing technique

The pictorial work is accompanied by drawings – in total about 1,400 sheets – executed with pencil or colored pencils, waxes, charcoal, chalk, pastel or sanguine on paper (sometimes colored).

A part of the works served as studies, or rather as a first stage of paintings, many instead show an autonomous, lively, markedly pictorial-plastic character.

Very often, people are depicted by models painted from life, in sessions that Timner held in the atelier or from photos (Mezzonudo frontale su sgabello, 1998). Thus women are to be seen, who embrace one another or who are in relation to one another (Study for Hohelied Solomon, 2006).

Within the complex of the work there are series, which not only accompany the paintings, which lead to them or are close to their contents, but which broaden the spectrum of the pictorial theme. 

In addition to this, Timner has produced numerous posters, covers (Die Steinstadt-Suite, Suite for the City of Stone, 1978) and illustrations for books (Special Song of Chile, 1978; Bologna city besieged, 1980), as well as graphics, especially lithographs (Girasole, 1976).